Friday, August 17, 2012

Mount Adams Climb 2012

Matt and I were lucky enough to climb Mt. Adams last weekend!
Most of these pics are also on Facebook, but I thought I should actually update my blog with some too. 

Matt was supposed to be guiding some people up Adams, so I came along. It took us quite some time to get up to camp because the people we were with stopped every five feet for snacks, water, etc. We knew we were going to be in it for the long haul with them, so we just put all impatience aside and took it all in. The weather could not have been better. I was comfortable in a tank and long pants for the hike up to camp. At camp, once the sun began to set, I just added a couple of layers for warmth. We had virtually no wind the whole time. At 3am the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't freezing my toosh off. Of course, as soon as we got moving, everyone worked hard enough walking up steep hills, so we were plenty comfy. 

(pictures not in order)
Me on the trail heading up to snow

 Sunset was incredible! Hard to see here, but you could actually see stripes through the sun from the hazy horizon.

 Loren (Matt's law partner), Loren's daughter McKenzie, and me heading up on summit day

 Sunrise on the mountain

Mt. Adams-12,276 feet

The top snowy part is the False Summit (the actual summit is behind and to the left, about another 30mins to an hour away). Our path took us straight up that snowy section on the right.

 McKenzie and I nearing the False Summit. I mentally started to freak out a little here. I was so worried about having to come back down this part...

 Me on the same crazy steep part

 Ice ax and crampons. Crazy hoodie.

  From camp, looking back down the first portion of the climb

 Matt and I on the first portion of the hike up to camp

 Our tiny little 2-person tent. So cozy! 

 From camp, looking up at our goal. After we summitted and got back to the false summit, we glissaded (sat on the mountain and slid down!!) down that entire snowfield-about 1.5 miles and over 2000 vertical feet elevation (I think)!!

 Me at sunset, thankful to be headed to bed

 Instagram Sunset

 Matt near the False Summit

 Summit!!! This wooden post is actually on the roof of an old mining shaft (they use to mine sulfur up there). So, the snow has piled up over time on the roof.


Matt snacking on the summit

Matt coming up to the False Summit

The glissade down on the lower part of the mountain after the summit on our way down(I had shorts on here!!)


McKenzie and I watching the guys filter fresh water from camp

I am so thankful I got the opportunity to do this. I had such a great time and would recommend it to anyone looking to climb something big! For the majority of the climb, we had fantastic views of Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. From the actual summit, we had an awesome view of Mt. Rainier. SO incredibly beautiful!

(see post below this as well...I have actually written TWO posts today!! Feast or famine, people.)

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Nicole Lee Smith said...

You are superwoman!! I love the pics, and what a fun trip! And... Happy Anniversary too :)