Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is a good day. It started with a call at 6am from work wanting me to come in. The good part of that is that I didn't. Yay! Matt and I then went for a run, he made breakfast, and I drank coffee while catching up on blogs and Facebook.

Now I'm off to the mall to pick up some much-needed work-out pants and clothes for Matt. I haven't been shopping in FOREVER and I am really proud of myself!

Yesterday Matt fertilized the yard while I weeded and tried to keep the dog out of the way. Trouble is, that dog loves the neighbors and kept running from one house to the other. I did my job by keeping him away, but I think we ended up causing more trouble. He LOVES to steal the neighbor's cat food and then the dish! I got enough exercise just running after the dog! He then lured the neighbor dogs into the wetlands by our house....we had 3 very muddy dogs! The night ended with a much-needed bath for the dog.

No pictures today.


Tiffany Jeanne said...

Have a fantastic day, Stef! Sounds like it got off to a great start :)

See you tomorrow!

valarie said...

so much excitement! don't ya just love days off?? i hope you did get a pic of those adventurous dogs in their muddy state--or else you'll have to duplicate it hehehe!