Saturday, May 9, 2009


On the way home from our walk, we went past the park. I looked over and saw a woman running with headphones in and thought "wow, good for her." I then hear very loudly from the playcenter at the park "hey fat lady! you're chubby!!!! you're so fat!!!" I looked over at Matt and we were both appalled. This girl had to have been in maybe 4th grade... Mind you, the parents were just several feet away watching a baseball game, oblivious. So Matt marches up the hill with the dog, and the girl runs to her mom. He was going to tell the parents of the girl what she did, but he decided not to stir up trouble.

I am outraged. I am pretty sure the woman running didn't hear the insults, but it affected me. The day was so perfect until that moment. Somehow that girl thought it was actually ok to so something like that. How does that even happen??

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Robin said...

My 4th graders would never do anything like that...the 5th graders? Maybe. I'm just glad I wasn't the lady running.