Friday, November 21, 2008


Not much going on around here. Just work, work, and work. Whiskey started doggy day-care/obedience this week. I think Matt was sad to have to drop him off in an unfamiliar place, but he did well with it. Whiskey has his own kennel there and seems to be doing well with his training. I felt like we were taking our child to school for the first time... :) I know, I am pathetic.


Robica said...

Ah! I love your post! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who takes their dog to doggy day care. Joey has so much energy and it's great for his social skills. He knows when he's going too and gets so excited! He's our baby.

Stefanie said...

Whiskey is our baby too! He is so spoiled and we are working so hard on training him. We brushed his teeth for the first time yesterday and he LOVED it!! I did it again today because he was sooo cute about it.

Robica said...

We just started brushing Joey's teeth too! He loves it probably b/c of the beef flavored toothpaste. Who needs kids when we have dogs? haha